Being Human

To You Who are Chasing Your Dreams

There are three things (that is important).

  • The first thing is to take things step by step. If you said you wanted to climb Everest tomorrow, it is not possible. But if you start with something small, climbing indoors and gradually move up, each step by itself is very easy, but very quickly, you find that you’re achieved your dream.
  • The second thing is not to be afraid of risk. There is risk in everything, but we should see risk as an opportunity to learn and by learning we can overcome risk.
  • And finally, you should tell people about your dreams and what you want to achieve. No one ever achieved anything by themselves and the more people that know about what you want to do, the more people can help you achieve that.

Success is not a single thing and you need to find the right type of success for you and go for it.

(This words are said by James Hooper, one of the youngest people reaching the top of Mount Everest in an old episode of Korean variety show ‘Abnormal Summit’. I really like the show and want to recommend all of you to watch it!)


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